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The Library of the Unwritten

Its likeThe Good Place meetsLaw & Order: Bibliophile Crime Unit. Highly recommended. This book is so much fun, and you should be reading it. Trust me. Stories about story are some of my favorite kinds. This book definitely makes the list. I am so glad I read this.—Seanan McGuire, author ofIn an Absent Dream“Clever, charming, full of intricate worldbuilding and delightful characters,The Library of the Unwritten is the first book in your new favorite series.”—Christina Henry, author ofThe Girl in Red“The Library of the Unwritten is a tiered dark chocolate cake of a book. The read is rich and robust, the prose has layers upon layers, and the characters melt like ganache upon the tongue.”—Meg Elison, Philip K. Dick Award WinnerA delightful romp through heaven, hell, and everything in between which reveals itself in layers.—Caitlin Starling, author ofThe Luminous DeadA muse, an undead librarian, a demon, and a ghost walk into Valhalla... what follows is a delightful and poignant fantasy adventure that delivers a metric ton of found family feels, and reminds us that the hardest stories to face can be the ones we tell about ourselves. –New York Times bestselling author Kit RochaHackwith has artfully penned a love letter to books and readers alike and filled it with lush, gorgeous prose, delightfully real characters, a nonstop, twisty, and heart-wrenching plot, and an explosive ending that gave me chills.”-- K. A. Doore, author ofThe Perfect Assassin “A wry, high-flying, heartfelt fantasy, told with sublime prose and sheer joy even at its darkest moments (and there are many). I want this entire series on my shelf yesterday.”—Tyler Hayes, author ofThe Imaginary Corpse“The only book I’ve ever read that made the writing process look like fun. A delight for readers and writers alike!”—Hugo Award Finalist Elsa Sjunneson-HenryElaborate worldbuilding, poignant and smart characters, and a layered plot...An ode to books, writing, and found families.—Library Journal (starred review)Hackwith writes a fast-paced, suspenseful story set in an intriguing world where storytellers can duel with words and souls are not what they seem.—BooklistWow! A.J. Hackwith puts a whole new spin on libraries and librarians inThe Library of the Unwritten! The imaginative plotline coupled with lots of phenomenal action and a solid dose of humor keep the reader engaged even as we wonder what twisted turn of events will happen next.”--Fresh Fiction



ISBN 9781984806376
AUTOR A. J. Hackwith
DATEINAME The Library of the Unwritten.pdf

THE LIBRARY OF THE UNWRITTEN by A.J. … A librarian in charge of unwritten books gets pulled into a dispute between heaven and hell in Hackwith’s debut. Claire is the librarian of hell’s Unwritten Wing, meaning she's in charge of books that either haven’t been written yet or, if their author has died, will never be written at all.