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Grignard Reagents

The Grignard reagent is one of the most useful and versatile reagents known to the organic chemist and 100 years after its discovery, this book presents authoritative perspectives on the significant developments taking place using Grignard Reagents and related organomagnesium compounds.This volume focuses on a dozen areas of organomagnesium chemistry, including:* New reactions of Grignard Reagents* Stereoselective Reactions of Organomagnesium Compounds* Mechanistic Features of Organomagnesium Compounds* Industrial Applications and Strategy* Unusual Organomagnesium Compounds* Structures of Organomagnesium Solids and SolutionsThe book will prove of great interest to academic and industrial chemists active in organometallic chemistry of main group metals, organic syntheses, reaction mechanisms and structural organic chemistry.



ISBN 9780471999089
AUTOR Herman G. Richey
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Grignard reagents react with dry ice (solid CO 2) followed by aqueous acid work-up to give carboxylic acids. CO 2 can be thought of as a being a dicarbonyl compound : O=C=O; Note that the carboxylic acid contains one extra C atom compared to the original halide …