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Boarding School Juliet 5

The Romeo and Juliet high school rom-com that inspired the upcoming anime! Rival dorms on an extravagant island campus fight a schoolyard war, but can two star-crossed lovers keep their budding relationship a secret?Idling in the Wanton Summer AirInuzuka, Persia, and all the usual suspects hit the beach for a seaside camp, and we all know what that means: a swimsuit Shangri-La! Inuzuka is dying to get Persia alone for a sexy swimsuit date, but the date spot he picked is even more remote than he intended. When the full tide leaves the daring duo stranded, theyre forced to spend the night together!Is Inuzuka in for the steamiest summer of his life?!



ISBN 9781632367556
AUTOR Yousuke Kaneda
DATEINAME Boarding School Juliet 5.pdf

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