La gran espera del pequeño búho.pdf

La gran espera del pequeño búho

Spanish Language Picture Book for Preschool and Kindergarten Help your kids learn to be patient with this birthday story! Its Little Owls Birthday and she cant wait for her birthday party. Unfortunately, theres lots to do to get ready for a party and Little Owl has a very difficult time being patient. When her mother sends her outside to play, Little Owl visits all of her friends but just cant wait. The party is taking forever to get ready and Little Owl wants it to start right now! This sweet story that promotes good manners and values is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.



ISBN 9781532404115
AUTOR Calee M. Lee
DATEINAME La gran espera del pequeño búho.pdf

El sijú platanero, sijucito, o simplemente sijú (según la SEO mochuelo sijú [1]), es un ave endémica de Cuba.Es un mochuelo o búho pequeño, común en todo el país, que habita en los bosques y en sitios arbolados del campo y de las afueras de ciudades. Es el más pequeño …