Philart Approach in the Orient and the Occident.pdf

Philart Approach in the Orient and the Occident

The current book is assigned to the allegorical treatises of three major Muslim sages: Avicenna, Ibn Tufail, and Suhrawardi, whom I call philartists. But, what does philartist mean? This idea goes to the heart of Farabis philosophy. To Farabi, the ultimate utopian end is to achieve intelligible happiness. Given that the public, based on their nature and general habits, are unable to perceive intelligible truths, the path to intelligible happiness must be presented to them via the imagination. The utopian artist who brings intelligible happiness to peoples mind through their imagination might be called a philartist.



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AUTOR Nadia Maftouni
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Currently working on "Economics of Culture: Modeling Farabi's Theory", Nadia Maftouni is an associate professor of Philosophy and Theology at University of Tehran, as well as being a … تحصیلات - دانشگاه تهران