Do you feel comfortable delivering bad news? Do you look forward to speaking in public? Do you enjoy networking? Is it easy for you to speak your mind and be assertive with friends and colleagues? If you answered no to any of these questions, this book can help! What often sets successful people apart is their willingness to do things most of us fear. Whats more, we have the false notion that successful people like to do these things, when the truth is that successful people have simply found their own way to do them.According to Andy Molinsky, an expert on behavior in the business world, there are five key challenges underlying our avoidance tendencies: authenticity, competence, resentment, likability, and morality. Does the new behavior youre attempting feel authentic to you? Is it the right thing to do? Answering these questions will help identify the gap in our behavioral style that we can then bridge by using the three Cs: Clarity, Conviction, and Customization. Perhaps most interesting, Molinsky has discovered that many people who confront what they were avoiding come to realize that they actually enjoy it, and can even be good at it.Short, prescriptive, and based not only on the authors groundbreaking research but on his own quest to get out of his comfort zone, Reach will help you take the thing you are most afraid of doing and make it a proud part of your personal repertoire.



ISBN 9780735216297
AUTOR Andy Molinsky

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