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Laon, Volume 5

When the police discover Laon naked and hungry in the street, they arent quite sure what to make of the odd little child-how could they know that she is actually a nine-tailed fox...or at least she would be if she hadnt lost her tails in a bet with Queen Mago. Now Laon is on a crusade to recover her missing appendages, if other spiritual forces dont find them first! Laon has teamed up with Tae-Ha, a reporter for Rumor and Truth, a monthly gossip rag. Tae-Ha has gone undercover as an exorcist to help out a fellow reporter dig up dirt on a prominent assemblyman. The assemblymans second wife claims to have seen a dark spirit in the walls, but the famiy is skeptical until they see the assemblymans first wife comes out of a painting! She claims that she wants something back from the assemblyman and promises that she will spare everyone if he can correctly guess what she wants. By speaking to the hwan thats controlling the spirit of the assemblymans wife, Tae-Ha learns that this same hwan may have been involved in the disappearance of his lost love Young-Yoo.Given Tae-Has spotty performance and even spottier attendance, intern Kyu-Jin goes on assignment, going undercover to find more details about the mysterious religious group, the Secret Path to the Heavens. Here, he finds that a familiar young girl is being prepped for some kind of rite as she is forced to eat the livers of human beings. Will Kyu-Jin make it out alive to share his findings?



ISBN 9780316131957
AUTOR YoungBin Kim
DATEINAME Laon, Volume 5.pdf

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