Principles in Pulsed Magnet Design.pdf

Principles in Pulsed Magnet Design

This book deals with the design of pulsed coils for the generation of high magnetic fields. The scope is limited to nondestructive coils. The books pur­ pose is to provide the designer of a pulsed field facility, the inquisitive stu­ dent and the scientist with a concise and comprehensive text which describes every aspect of coil design. Special emphasis is laid upon first-order princi­ pies, which allowan estimation with paper and pencil and are important for an understanding of the basic design principles. These design formulas are then supplemented by numerical calculations and simulations. The physics necessary to describe a pulsed coil are the theories of electromagnetism, of continuum mechanics and of thermodynamics. It is the combination of these fields of physics which make the construction of a coil at first sight seem a rather tedious process. In this book we want to lead any newcomer to the club through this jungle and we describe the meaning of all possible design variables. The path to the final construction starts with only the most im­ portant of these design variables, and later the finer details of second order get incorporated. We have divided the book into four chapters. In Chapter 1 we give an introduetion to the necessary physics.



ISBN 9783540437017
AUTOR Robert Kratz
DATEINAME Principles in Pulsed Magnet Design.pdf

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